Paper Weaving

Today was my first day of Folk Art for Little Folk – my March Break Art Class for” 3-5″s at the AGNS. Today we did some lovely paper weaving. Originally I planned to do a group weaving as I was concerned about their ability to weave but when I saw that the classes were mostly 4 and 5 year-olds I thought I’d give individual projects a go. They decorated  paper with pastels and paint, let it dry and then it was cut into little strips for the “weft”. Developmentally, I think it was just about perfect. It wasn’t easy for them to do but they seemed interested in learning the skill. The hardest part for them was not the over-under path of each strip of paper, but figuring out the alternative pattern of the strips and starting one “under” the next “over”. Where there was interest we helped the children figure this out but some were happily weaving away in the manner of their choosing so I didn’t think it was important to “fix”.

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