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Flock of Birds

It’s been a busy and exhausting week so I feel a bit behind with posting! Today in Folk Art for Little Folk we made birds out of cardboard. In the first class I gave the children pencils to draw their birds as I was anticipating some size issues (they needed to be cut out). In fact, I think the pencils had a negative effect, almost causing the children to tighten up and worry about what they were drawing. I hadn’t considered that before. As we moved on things went well, but it is a little crazy to have nine little kids draw, colour and paint birds, with all the support that requires, and also cut out and assemble the birds without having the kids waiting around……so I was almost tempted for the second class to give them vague bird-like cardboard shapes for them to work with. But I decided against it and I’m glad I did. I knew it would be busy but the results were worth it. In the second class I ¬†skipped the pencil step which worked better. You always learn something in these classes.

We attached the wings using a button technique found here. I love looking at the finished flock of birds and when I see the wonderful different sizes and colours and shapes and ideas I’m glad I didn’t limit them simply for ease!

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