Discovering Spoonflower

I don’t have anything hand-made to share with you today, but thought I’d share something I am quite excited about. And that thing is SPOONFLOWER!

This seems fantastic! You can design your own repeat patterns or illustrations or designs and have them printed on to a variety of cloth and mailed to you. Oh, the possibilities! I don’t have the equipment/space to get back into screen printing, so I love the idea of being able to send of my designs and have them printed.  I’ve also got an idea to print a pattern/illustration for a stuffed toy directly on cloth, so that all that needs doing is to cut out and sew. This may be premature, but I’m imagining making up little kits….

Now of course, the nature of the website requires a good design relationship between the computer and myself – something I’m going to have to work on a bit I think. Still, it is all inspiring and I’m excited to get going!


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  1. Mimi

    I’m so glad you enjoy spoonflower too! I ordered a paisley fabric from them a while ago, to make into a quilt for a friend’s daughter. I always look forward to voting in the contests, and I’m both intrigued and intimidated by the idea of designing my own yardage.

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