I Made a Dress!

I made a dress! Ok, so it isn’t perfect, but I cut it, and tweaked it, and sewed it all by myself! And while I won’t be wearing it to a fancy tea-party, I think I may just be able to wear it around the house.

The pattern is from Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing. I found it relatively straight forward and the directions were easy to understand. I’m especially fond of the pockets. This dress is made of some fabric my mother gave me, and as I had not quite enough the facing on the bodice and straps and the pockets are made out of cloth repurposed from a pillow case in a contrasting pattern. I may still make a little belt out of the contrasting fabric. My one cause of trouble with the dress was realizing, part way through, that I shouldn’t have just made the smallest size and assumed it would work for me. I am pretty small around the chest, and shoulders, and I knew, once I stopped to think about it, that I should have done something about that. (well….something about the pattern!) So I set about cutting off an inch or two here and there on the different pieces. This worked ok but needless to say, caused a little chain issues to be fixed, and in the end it is still pretty spacious! But, for my first dress it is not hideous. I may be looking at it through the tinted glasses of pride but please don’t tell me! Anyway, it sewed up pretty quickly and I think, with some more careful alterations pre cutting out, that this could be a pattern I’ll try again.


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