Forsythia: Anticipation in the Garden

Yesterday I took the plunge and decided to plant my little leeks out in the allotment. Spring does seem to have come early this year, and while I’m wary that we may still get some cold nights I figure if I just keep an eye on things I can cover them up if need be. (you may remember I had planned to build a cold frame, but that hasn’t happened and it may not even be necessary)  So I packed the leek seedlings into my bike basket and road carefully over to the allotment. It is not a very interesting picture, but here they are in their new home.

I also planted a few rows of Swiss Chard. And while I had the camera out I took as snap of the cheerful Forsythia, the meaning of which, I have just learned, is anticipation. Some of the first bright flowers in spring, looking very  cheery and hopeful. And that’s pretty much how I feel as I anticipate the growing season!


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