Soon to be ours

A house in the country. Soon to be OUR house in the country. I can hardly believe it. Even on a grey day it looks lovely. (In fact, it was raining, so I had to rush a photo. Trust me though, it is beautiful.) At this point we have jumped all the house-buying hurdles, and are now just waiting for closing day, a little less than a month away. In a way I’m sure it will not feel altogether real until we have the key in our hands!

This lovely house is 180 years old and has been lovingly cared for by the previous owners. It is a short 11 minutes drive to Annapolis Royal and sits on a beautiful piece of property with two outbuildings. Buying a house is a big decision, but it wasn’t a hard one because this house felt so right. When you see a good thing…… Plus, this is the dream! But for those who are wondering, no, we are not moving anytime in the near future. Someday it will be our full-time home, but for now we will have to content ourselves with the summer, weekends and holidays. Still, I think it will be wonderful.

I will doubtlessly be posting a lot about this house. For one thing, it calls for some major making and crafting. I’m even thinking I need to take up carpentry and build some furniture! And learning about country life  is going to be a journey in itself. But I’ll try to hold back a bit until I’ve got that key (that cute skeleton key) in my hand.

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