Little White Shelf

After my last success I was eager to continue with woodworking, so I decided to build a little shelf with the scraps of  left-over wood. (plans found here) Very simple straightforward construction. I did, however, learn a lesson this time when I discovered how a tiny error, a piece cut just slightly too short, can make a big difference, and ended up with a lop-sided shelf with an optical illusion effect. But I was determined, so I knocked it apart and made some adjustments. The result is slightly less wonky. Some wonkyness is due to a lack of necessary wood, requiring me to  cut a 1×4 in half LENGTHWISE with my jigsaw, which was hard to do nicely.

I painted it quickly with a wash of the same paint used for the bench mixed with water. I know, I know… is  a tad boring. But I don’t know what room it will end up in, and we haven’t made any big colour decor choices, so it’s white for now. (Having said that, it looks quite pink in the photo, but it is white!) Of course, in the new house the shelf will be attached to the wall – just use your imagination for now.


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