The Allotment is Planted

Today we nipped over to Halifax Seed and bought some veggies to plant in the allotment. I must confess I had plans to start more things myself this year but I got distracted, and there wasn’t space and so on. So we will just put that behind us. The things I DID start, my leeks, are sulking and have not done anything since I planted them out, which isn’t promising. I’ve decided to give them a little longer and then I may grub them up and plant lettuce or something.  The peas are coming along fine and we got them staked up, so they look a little less chaotic.

Today we planted: tomatoes, small squash, cucumbers, broccoli, red cabbage, cauliflower and a bit of dill. I’ve still got a little space to plant some beans.  Last year I grew many brassicas: broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, several kinds of cabbage and kohlrabi. It is wise not to grow brassicas where others grew the year before, so I had a bit of a challenge organizing and finding space for everything. My cabbages last year were not a great success. They grew well but were plagued with various pests and in the end very little was edible. I was going to forgo cabbage completely seeing as it is so cheap to buy, and also with the logic that anything that has to sit in the garden all season is more likely to get eaten or infested by somebody than things I can harvest in a “cut and come again” fashion. But in the end I thought I’d try some red cabbage, and see if I can get on top of the pests.


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