My grandmother passed away at the beginning of June. Fortunately, it was not altogether unexpected, so my mother was able to make the trip from Canada to England to be with her. When my mum asked me if there was anything from my granny’s house I would like her to bring back to remind me of her, I thought of this painting.

It hung on the wall in the spare room, and I always  liked it. On my last visit I commented on it and asked Granny where it came from. Apparently it was painted for her by her friend Ningo (sp?) Woodford, who lived round the corner. The flowers are freesias, my grandmother’s favourite. I wish now that I had taken notes, because I remember the conversation leading on to some interesting stories. At any rate, I’m going to see what I can piece together and write a little note that I will include behind the painting when it is framed, for the record! Speaking of framing, I think I might try to make one, but we shall see. It certainly deserves a good frame and I’m not exactly and expert!

I am very happy to have this painting. I think it’s perfect –  it will remind me of my grandmother, her favourite flowers, and the talks we had on our last visit.


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