Fabric: a frustration and a find.

Today I set off to get cushion forms, and buy fabric for covers for the new house. I spent and eternity walking around the store. Part of the problem, I suppose, is that we haven’t really got any colours to build on. The room is a neutral tan colour, which is great and, well, neutral. And I love picking colours but I think I must have been feeling the pressure. It seems impossible, but in the whole fabric store I could not find anything that was what I wanted. The longer it took me to decide the more desperate I felt. So I grabbed something. And it’s nice, it’s just not…..right. Can’t shake the feeling. Maybe I’ll have to piece together cloth from vintage sheets or clothing, to get the feeling I want. So that was my frustration.  (not to mention that niggling feeling of having spent money on something….)

And my find? Last weekend while trolling yard sales I found a new apron. Now of course, we were looking for various things we need (which we didn’t find) but I was willing and happy  to accept the apron find. I love the pattern and the combination of colours. It came for a dollar, safety-pinned to a pinny which really can’t be worn, but whose citrus coloured floral pattern will be great cut up and made into smaller things. I think I’ll go look at my apron to cheer me up!


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