Introducing “Good Cheer”

Introducing “Good Cheer” our new, old house. We are, without a doubt, in love.

We spent a fabulous four days there, wandering about with big grins on our faces. We had next to no furniture but that mattered not one bit and the nearby family provided a splendid picnic that was a wonderful welcome. Please indulge me……

Food prep in the kitchen.

Our packing crate table, with the first supper.

The “studio/workshop” and “daisy mound” seen through the kitchen door.

The “barn”. Perhaps truthfully a small shed, but it is a barn for us.

And a bit of knitting on the only wet morning.

Hidden treasures. Somewhere, under all that grass.

I’m still smiling at the pictures…..can’t wait to go back.


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3 responses to “Introducing “Good Cheer”

  1. Hi Catherine
    Great photos. Love them. We’re very happy for you guys. We went through the area on July 11. Stopped in at the Historic Gardens. Tried to find your place but nope!

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