Preparing for Bookworms

My first summer art class is next week and I’ve been doing  a bit of prep work. The first class is “Bookworms in the Studio”, which I have taught several times before. The class is structured around story books which give us starting points, ideas and themes to explore. Usually, I try to also have the books tie in with the work on display at the gallery to make everything work nicely. Though I’d taught this before I am trying some new projects and though there are still a few of the old favourite books, I’m using a few new ones too. “New” is perhaps not the right word because in general I look back to books I remember from my childhood.

This time round I will be using “The Story of Ferdinand”. It always makes me smile. And we will be making some bull masks. I’ve been playing around a little with a “sample”. Usually I don’t make a sample piece for projects because I want the kids to explore the idea themselves, but with something like plaster it is sometimes hard for them to understand how it works, and how you can cover something with wet floppy plaster pieces and it will become hard, so I think it helps to have something to show them.


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