“S” is for Scroll

Today in class we made scrolls. This was yet another project designed to incorporate several different techniques and activities.

To make the decorative paper top and bottom of the scrolls we started with some texture rubbing using pastels. The kids were interested to see what textures would create interesting marks and I provided lots of scrap paper for exploration before offering them their pieces for the scroll. We then returned to the rubbings and painted over them with, causing the pastel to act as a resist.

For the middle of the scroll the children created foam collograph printing blocks of their initials. I have done these many times before but this is the first time I’ve encouraged them to build a frame abound the edge of the block, which helps the printing process. Also, I find that they understand compositionally that they are working within the confines of the block but after we print things sometimes tend to look “floaty”, because you don’t see the square, so the frame idea worked out well. The subject (first initial) is also particularly developmentally appropriate since at that age kids are very keen on spelling their names (“I start with L!!!”) and we had a lot of discussion about that.

After everything was dry (or nearly!) we glued the top and bottom papers around dowels and to the letter print in the middle. It was an enjoyable class and seemed like a nice mix of activities.


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