Plum Jam

Plums. Aren’t they beautiful? I did my first little bit of preserving this week at Good Cheer by cooking up some plum jam. I was a little concerned because the only recipe I had was in weights and I had no scale and no idea how many plums I had, or how much sugar to add so I just made up the whole thing and I must say the results are pretty good. Too bad I won’t be able to replicate it! As I was making the jam I was remembering a book we had when we were little (I wish I could remember the title) about a family that has a plum-tree in their garden that is absolutely overwhelming them with plums. The father begins making jam and uses up every pot, pan, jar and container in the whole house.  Of course, my efforts were not on such a grand scale, but I do have a few jars of plum jam  for the pantry.


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