The Herb Garden Grows

During the summer at Good Cheer I started a little herb garden in front of the house. I have big plans that involve several beds of flowers and herbs, and a rock wall, to provide some interest to the front of the house (and for use in cooking, of course). I began by digging a “deep bed” which is unbelievably hard work. Especially as I chose some hot summer days to do it. I transplanted some chives and rooted a bit of sage I found elsewhere on the property. The sage was tricky as this should really be done in the spring and as the cutting has next to no roots it is hard for it to survive hot weather, especially when I’m away for a week at a time and unable to water it. Only one of my three survived.

I also stuck in some sorrel, which grows all over the lawn, just to fill up a bit of space. My aunt and uncle kindly brought a few more herbs over so now I’ve got Lemon Balm, Thyme, Golden Oregano and Chamomile! At first I was a little worried that my planting should be more organized but….life is long, so I’ll just bung things in where there is space. With a sprinkling of flowers it should look charmingly rustic, if nothing else!


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  1. I am putting in an herb garden as well gradually. I think I have found the last of the items I needed at the local garden store (on sale 3/$1.00!!!!) I’ve been repotting to put inside so next year I can put everything outside.

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