Canning Tomatoes!

This weekend, for the first time ever, I canned some tomatoes (some of my own included). This has been something I have been wanting to do for ages, but have never tried. during the winter, it is quite easy to get by on mainly local vegetables but it never seems possible to manage without canned tomatoes so we always wind up buying them. Of course, my canning efforts are nowhere near the amount we need. Maybe I’ll make more, but even if I don’t at least it’s a start. I canned a little over 10 lbs of diced tomatoes which turned into 9 500 ml jars. As I guide I used this blog post. The only issue I had was that once processed I found that the contents of the jars were separated, with liquid on the bottom and tomatoes on top. I did some reading and found that this happens if you have preheated the tomatoes for two long. I didn’t know this was a potential issue, but I’m not completely sure I did that. Another problem may have been that I peeled and chopped some of the tomatoes the day before, and kept them overnight in the fridge. Fortunately, though they don’t look as good all you have to do it shake the jars before using.


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