We did a lot of painting at Good Cheer over the weekend. Most satisfying was the “library”. We call it the “library” but at this point there aren’t any books, or any furniture, or even any lights (which lead to some interesting evening painting by head-lamp). I was a little nervous about our colour choice at first – we were painting over a yellow which made it very hard to “see” the pale green colour we had chosen as anything other than grey, but once the walls were covered I was much happier with it. As I worked away I kept thinking how painting a room is a good way to really learn about the space. Since the room is empty, painting it was probably the most prolonged time I spent in there, and as I moved around the room I became acquainted with every corner. I learned how the light  changes, and discovered a hole for the borrowers. The library is one of the nicest rooms in the house, with a hearth,  lovely windows on two sides and beautiful light. We still have to paint the wood trim so I suspect I will become even more familiar with the bones of the room.


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  1. I loved The Borrowers. I’m sure they will love your new old house.

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