Getting Together to Knit

Late yesterday afternoon my cousin Katie and I got together to knit! This has been something we have been meaning to do for a long time and I think we are both rather proud that we managed to make it happen – the next challenge is to make it a weekly event. Katie is just learning to knit but there is nothing like Christmas round the corner to make you feel inspired. In the end I didn’t do much knitting because I was slightly disorganized, but we looked online for some patterns that Katie might try, I helped her start a test project and introduced her to Ravelry (which is really a great place to look for patterns, as well as a great window into the knitting community). Of course, there was also some tea drinking and munching of cinnamon buns.




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2 responses to “Getting Together to Knit

  1. Allison E

    Thanks for the tip on using the Ravelry website! I have been thinking lately about learning how to knit but didn’t really know where to begin. So that is super helpful!

    Hope all is well with you Catherine!

  2. Allison – the internet is really a great resource for knitters. Any time you don’t know how to do something you can always look it up and find instructions, tutorials or videos. Have fun! 🙂

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