Back in the Saddle with Autism Arts

This Saturday was our second class for Autism Arts this season.  We have some new children and some who have been in the program for a while, so it is a nice mix. We are still, as always, learning, but the way of working we have developed seems to be paying off. From my point of view, the art side of things, that means coming up with three activities, a mix of familiar and new, for the class. Yesterday we did drawing with pastels, print making and marble painting, and I’m pleased to say most children had a go at each activity. The marble painting proved the most popular.



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2 responses to “Back in the Saddle with Autism Arts

  1. Melanie Upshaw-oickle

    was intrigued by the title. You did this class with autistic children?
    I beleive the date was old, I work in a centre in halifax. currently researching workshops, and people who could or might put on workshops.
    Would you ever consider or have considered doing worshops where you can teach teachers about autistic arts

    • Hi Melanie:
      No, I did not do this activity with my autism arts class, though of course this activity would work with many different groups. I’ll write you privately about workshops.

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