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Christmas Card Change of Plan

As I said before, I was planning on designing and printing a new Christmas card, as I’ve done for the past few years. I even got a start on it. But then I remembered I still had my block from the Good Cheer print I made, and it occurred to me that it would make a nice card, Good Cheer being an appropriate sentiment for the season! And to be honest when I had a think about the other things I want to get done this seemed like a good solution. So today I printed 10 in green. Seeing them drying on the line reminded me of the Valentines for Haiti project – that certainly taught me a thing or two about printing large numbers!


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Christmas Gift Bags

At one point I had every intention of declaring this Christmas to be a “Paper Free Christmas”.  Instead of wrapping I would make reusable cloth gift bags. Once given, the bags would go out into the world, hopefully to be used by the recipient next year, and in a small but somehow meaningful way, cut down on the amount of paper waste. I still think it’s a great idea but in the interest of banishing Christmas stress I am not creating an “all or nothing” scenario for myself. I bought some Christmas fabric and am using some other odds and end I have lying about. I’ve made some bags, and I hope to keep plugging away at them as I know more about the size/shape of gifts I’m going to be giving. But I won’t make any promises to avoid paper completely because I can see that turning into something to be frustrated and disappointed about if I am somehow unable to make my goal. You know –  that Christmas grumpy that can happen if you aren’t careful, and feel like you’ve let yourself down. And that’s not really what it’s about, right? After all, each little bag can do it’s part.

I can’t wait till December, when I can play some Christmas music to go along with my crafting!


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Chill in the Air

It is starting to get cold! Yesterday we bundled up and took a walk around Frog Pond. Funny how those first few chilly days always seem SO cold, even when you know it is going to get so much colder. I love the way winter changes the colours of the landscape. Here are some photos, courtesy of Gary.

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Something Else I’ve Been Working On

(Baby Sophisticate)

I can finally share with you something else I’ve been working on: a baby! This is the reason the blog post have been a bit sparse of late – partly me giving attention to crafting things I couldn’t share and partly not feeling up to much! It seems fitting that the first mention of our baby on this blog should be to show you some of the knitting I’ve been doing.

At first I tried to restrain myself in the baby knitting department, not wanting to get ahead of myself in those uncertain first few weeks, but I also found knitting to be such a pleasant, positive activity that it seemed natural to turn to it whenever I was feeling a bit nervous, so I have a few things done. I admit too that I’ve a few more sweaters knitted and not sewn up (this is a HUGE weakness of mine) but here are two I’ve finished so far. (And even now I seem to be unable to get good pictures of these! I’m just going to plunk these in and if at some point I manage to do a better job I’ll replace them!)

Baby Sophisticate is a free pattern and I enjoyed knitting it – very quick, easy, and with very little finishing! Gary likes this one, and think it will go well with a little pipe… The other kimono style sweater is from  Debbie Bliss book. It’s cute, and relatively simple, but I found sewing up all the various pieces a bit annoying. If I were to do it again I’d probably modify it and try to knit it as much as possible in one piece.

I will try to sew up the other sweaters I have lying about in pieces but I’m not making any promises. I’m much more interested in the next cardigan I am working on. (Which uses seamless construction. I feel this is the way to go!) Anyway, now that the first trimester is safely over I am looking forward to launching head-first into the baby knitting, and not having to do it secretly will also help!




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Today I finally got around to mixing and cooking my granola, after picking up the ingredients last week. Quite a success! It’s just your basic granola, but I’m kind of excited about adding different ingredients and going for different flavour combinations for the next batch. Making granola is a very simple, pleasant activity and with very little fuss I now have something special waiting for me for breakfast.

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Making it Our Own

We have been doing some more painting at Good Cheer. Choosing the paint colours was a bit of a challenge because of all the lovely windows and lovely light. The colour changes drastically at different times of day so what seems perfect in the morning might not even be among our top choices in the afternoon. But we were on a bit of a schedule and had to just go for it!

This is the living room where we spend a great deal of our time, especially now that it is chilly and sitting in a front of the fire is a favourite pass-time. We picked a cheerful “winter wheat” for the walls and “nettle” green (very appropriate) for the hearth. The room has a mix of stripped woodwork that has a beautiful richness of colour and white woodwork and paneling, and  has a white floor. We are still talking about the possibility of extending the “nettle” colour to some of the white woodwork (no, we would never paint the stripped woodwork!) but are a little bit nervous of this since having mainly white woodwork as a constant through the house seems important. But we have lots of time to think about that. And meanwhile we can feel that we have really started to change the feel of this room, and make it our own.

Remember I mentioned that lovely light? Our extra-long weekend at the house was full of it. Of course, I could never capture it with the camera, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t venture out on the beautiful frosty mornings and try!

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Leek and Potato Soup

Today is a wet and rainy day. ANOTHER wet and rainy day. It’s becoming quite the trend. My trips to the pool for swimming have gone something like this: bike to the pool, get wet, dry off, go swimming, get wet, dry off, bike home, get wet, dry off…. Nothing is better on a day like this then a good soup! So I proudly cut up my leeks from the allotment and am making Leek and Potato soup.

Leek and Potato Soup

1 lb leeks, chopped and washed

1 lb potatoes chopped

3 tbsp butter

5 cups veggie stock


Melt the butter in a pot and add the leeks. Cover and sweat till the leeks are soft. Add the potatoes and sweat for another 10 minutes. Add the stock and simmer for about 30 minutes. Season and blend. Enjoy!


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