Let the Christmas Crafting Begin!

(Photo from last year!!)

It’s November. As soon as Halloween is over, and I feel that chill in the air, I start getting excited about my Christmas plans. (In reality, I sometime get excited even BEFORE this, but I feel that the arrival of November gives me license to really let loose!) Knitting in particular, because you can’t leave that to the last-minute. I’ve also been giving some thought to my Christmas card, which I will carve and print. It’s become a bit of a tradition. I love trying to come up with a somewhat unique theme for my design, and often find inspiration in Christmas carols, particularly the old and obscure! This year I’m thinking of working with I Sing Of A Maiden. I love the spring time imagery, which I think would make for a change from traditional holly and ivy, or snow. So I’m playing around with that. Last year I left it a little late so I hope to get this years cards designed, carved and printed before any of the seasonal rush and business sets in. The beginning of November is really  the golden time, when there is still time to accomplish some pretty special home-made gifts, and while it’s too early to start with the Christmas carols (Yes, it is.) a little planning for the festivities can go a long way. And I know I’m not alone – I know all you Christmas crafters out there are scouting about for inspiration and  itching to dig into your projects! Let the Christmas crafting begin!


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