Making it Our Own

We have been doing some more painting at Good Cheer. Choosing the paint colours was a bit of a challenge because of all the lovely windows and lovely light. The colour changes drastically at different times of day so what seems perfect in the morning might not even be among our top choices in the afternoon. But we were on a bit of a schedule and had to just go for it!

This is the living room where we spend a great deal of our time, especially now that it is chilly and sitting in a front of the fire is a favourite pass-time. We picked a cheerful “winter wheat” for the walls and “nettle” green (very appropriate) for the hearth. The room has a mix of stripped woodwork that has a beautiful richness of colour and white woodwork and paneling, and  has a white floor. We are still talking about the possibility of extending the “nettle” colour to some of the white woodwork (no, we would never paint the stripped woodwork!) but are a little bit nervous of this since having mainly white woodwork as a constant through the house seems important. But we have lots of time to think about that. And meanwhile we can feel that we have really started to change the feel of this room, and make it our own.

Remember I mentioned that lovely light? Our extra-long weekend at the house was full of it. Of course, I could never capture it with the camera, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t venture out on the beautiful frosty mornings and try!


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