Something Else I’ve Been Working On

(Baby Sophisticate)

I can finally share with you something else I’ve been working on: a baby! This is the reason the blog post have been a bit sparse of late – partly me giving attention to crafting things I couldn’t share and partly not feeling up to much! It seems fitting that the first mention of our baby on this blog should be to show you some of the knitting I’ve been doing.

At first I tried to restrain myself in the baby knitting department, not wanting to get ahead of myself in those uncertain first few weeks, but I also found knitting to be such a pleasant, positive activity that it seemed natural to turn to it whenever I was feeling a bit nervous, so I have a few things done. I admit too that I’ve a few more sweaters knitted and not sewn up (this is a HUGE weakness of mine) but here are two I’ve finished so far. (And even now I seem to be unable to get good pictures of these! I’m just going to plunk these in and if at some point I manage to do a better job I’ll replace them!)

Baby Sophisticate is a free pattern and I enjoyed knitting it – very quick, easy, and with very little finishing! Gary likes this one, and think it will go well with a little pipe… The other kimono style sweater is from  Debbie Bliss book. It’s cute, and relatively simple, but I found sewing up all the various pieces a bit annoying. If I were to do it again I’d probably modify it and try to knit it as much as possible in one piece.

I will try to sew up the other sweaters I have lying about in pieces but I’m not making any promises. I’m much more interested in the next cardigan I am working on. (Which uses seamless construction. I feel this is the way to go!) Anyway, now that the first trimester is safely over I am looking forward to launching head-first into the baby knitting, and not having to do it secretly will also help!





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5 responses to “Something Else I’ve Been Working On

  1. Stephanie Potter

    Love the sweaters, especially the first one. It’s a sweater that baby can wear for a few months. I can’t believe you’re a third of the way there already. I’m so excited for your wee baby. I’ll be praying for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  2. athanasia

    love the knitting’s something i’ve had in the back of my brain but haven’t quite taken the plunge..i have a friend here who goes to a ‘stitch and bitch’ meeting once a week..maybe i should give it a whirl! sending you big hugs and looking forward to seeing you next time we’re in nova scotia!

  3. Clare

    Hm. I see I’m going to have to do some serious shopping not to be out-done by a BABY! But just so you know, if I can’t find a double-breasted sports coat in my size at Value Village, the kid doesn’t get one either! Knitted, crocheted, or laced!

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