Christmas Gift Bags

At one point I had every intention of declaring this Christmas to be a “Paper Free Christmas”.  Instead of wrapping I would make reusable cloth gift bags. Once given, the bags would go out into the world, hopefully to be used by the recipient next year, and in a small but somehow meaningful way, cut down on the amount of paper waste. I still think it’s a great idea but in the interest of banishing Christmas stress I am not creating an “all or nothing” scenario for myself. I bought some Christmas fabric and am using some other odds and end I have lying about. I’ve made some bags, and I hope to keep plugging away at them as I know more about the size/shape of gifts I’m going to be giving. But I won’t make any promises to avoid paper completely because I can see that turning into something to be frustrated and disappointed about if I am somehow unable to make my goal. You know –  that Christmas grumpy that can happen if you aren’t careful, and feel like you’ve let yourself down. And that’s not really what it’s about, right? After all, each little bag can do it’s part.

I can’t wait till December, when I can play some Christmas music to go along with my crafting!



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3 responses to “Christmas Gift Bags

  1. Stephanie Potter

    Another great way to banish paper is to banish it from the packaging of your gifts. We’re trying to give as much home-made stuff as possible this year, which automatically means it’s not wrapped in plastic, cardboard, and odd paper. 🙂 You’re probably already busy as anything and a little tired with being a Mama so this may not work for you, but since I love your idea of home-made gift bags, I thought I’d share mine.

    • Exactly! I’m working away on some homemade gifts. (I wish I could share without ruining the surprise!) People are going to receive things according to what I can make, maybe not what they would most want….;) But they are always very gracious. I’m sure your family will love their hand-made gifts! Have fun making them!

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