Blending Away

For Christmas I received both an immersion blender, with several attachments, and a food processor. So I am all set to BLEND THINGS! So far with the food processor I have made some almond butter, and some orange and raisin scones. The immersion blender has been most used for smoothies. Previously, I’ve most enjoyed smoothies as a way to get a few servings of fruit and dairy, but I’ve now started adding some other things. Ground flax-seed,  for omega 3 fatty acids and some blackstrap molasses, which is a fantastic source of iron. (yes, it does need to be the black strap kind) I was dubious about the molasses in a smoothie as I was afraid the flavour would be too strong, but somehow it isn’t. Seems like a better option than just baking a huge batch of molasses cookies and eating them “for iron”….

Here is my basic smoothie recipe for one, though I rarely measure anything.

Blend together:

1 tbsp whole flax-seed, freshly ground

1/2 a banana (I just hang on to the other half for the next day)

4 tbsp yogurt

1/4 cup milk

1/4 cup frozen blueberries

1 tbsp blackstrap molasses

Enjoy! Would you like a picture? It IS better than it looks.



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