Baby Pants

Some baby pants, sewn from the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern by Rae. My sewing skills are, to put it kindly, underdeveloped, so don’t look too closely. I found the pattern quite easy, except for the rear panel, but I’m such a beginner that I’m sure others would have no trouble. The pants have a panel in the back, the “big butt” feature, to accommodate a cloth diaper, but these pants (0-3 months) still seem impossible small. But very cute. These were made from an old pair of linen pants. I’m going to try my hand at another pair, to see if I can improve, and then perhaps do a few in a batch, working each step for all the pants before moving on. (Also allowing lots of time, since I know that rushing is what makes me mess up!) I’m  a tad nervous to do this since the directions do talk about using the baby to measure the pants, so it would be just my luck to sew a bunch of pants that end up not fitting. But I can find the time now, which will be harder then, so I may as well go for it!


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3 responses to “Baby Pants

  1. Stephanie Potter

    Trust me, those “unbelievably” small pants will probably fit like a dream for at least a month. Once little baby is born you can measure for size, but for now (if the window toy is any measure) they look perfect and cozy. Well done Momma!

  2. Jennifer

    Very sweet!

    My Mom told me that in the 60s everybody put their babies in nightgowns, all the time, whether they were girls or boys, which made it incredibly easy to change diapers. She thought we were nuts for putting Hannah in sleepers all the time, which was funny because I thought I was doing the lazy, easy thing by not properly dressing my child every day in ‘outfits’. Anyway, I looked everywhere for baby nightgowns but couldn’t find a single one. But since you’re into sewing and knitting, you could make your own! They would also last long in terms of sizing (which is one of the beautiful things about dresses for girls – they can wear them long or short so they can last through several size changes).

    • That does sound like a good idea! As I mentioned though, my sewing skills are very limited which means that pant legs are much easier than sleeves (yikes, I wouldn’t even know how to start). I’ll keep an eye out though, when I’m shopping. I wonder though….I tend to get tangled when I’m wearing a nightgown, and it makes me feel a uncomfortable, so maybe Hannah was just as happy to have sleepers! Still worth a thought. I need to make a list!

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