Woven Paper Card

Today I thought I’d share with you how to make a very simple card using paper weaving. Paper weaving is an easy way to decorate a card and is appropriate for just about any occasion.


blank card and envelope

recycled greeting card or decorative paper

craft knife


glue (optional)


Step One:

Decide on the size of the weaving. Keep in mind that the size should be a bit smaller than the recycled card or piece of paper you are using. Use a pencil to draw out the appropriate size rectangle on the inside of the card front.

Step 2:

Cut your “warp”. (In weaving “warp” refers to the verticals.) I recommend drawing lines on the rectangle so you will know how many verticals to cut.  The vertical strips can be thin or wide or a mixture of the two. Use the craft knife and ruler to slice down the lines.

Step 3:

Cut your “weft”. (These are the pieces you will be weaving with.) Use a ruler and craft knife to cut your recycled card or decorative paper into strips. Again, these can by thin or wide.

Step 4:

Weave! Following an over-under pattern, weave in your paper strips. You should always start and finish with each strip from the inside of the card, so you don’t have ends poking out on the front.

Step 5 (optional):

Secure the ends of the weft strips with a tiny amount of glue. Be sure to let it dry completely before you close the card. You can stop at this point or add a few details, depending on the look you want. I was thinking of a quilt when I created this card, so I added a simple border of decorative paper.

And you’re done!


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2 responses to “Woven Paper Card

  1. Will you be making cards again this year for Valentine’s Day for a cause? Perhaps these? There is less than a month to go!

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