One Room at a Time

I’m not sure if this is “nesting” of just a frustration at the state of the house boiling over, but I have embarked on a mission! I’m going to go through the house and clean/organize/tidy one room at a time. I started with the smallest room in the house – the tiny front porch – so I would feel successful right away, and then yesterday I tackled the living room. Both of these rooms were relatively simple, compared with what is to come. The focus is to make things tidy and functional, so that everything has its place. There are rooms I would love to redecorate but to be honest at this point, clean and tidy almost constitutes redecorating, so I’m settling for that, though I try to add a few nice touches here and there.

As I move through the house I’m trying to make good decisions about things that we do not want/need anymore. Inevitably things will get shifted from room to room a bit, but hopefully by the time I’m finished I will have identified all the things that do not belong/have no use and they can be dealt with the appropriate manner. Sounds very organized, doesn’t it? The trick, of course, is to make sure each room I’ve tackled STAYS is good order. (hence the desire to make sure I find places for everything and am not just superficially tidying)

Ok, I realize this is much less interested to you than it is to me, but I felt I should mention it because it’s going to be taking up a fair bit of my time and there will likely be some project offshoots that I will want to share here (I’m already plotting something with the house plants) so I hope you bear with me.


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