On Gloves…and Guilt

Exactly one month and one day after Christmas, I have finally finished Gary’s Christmas gloves. Now, I must add, just so you don’t think I am really horrible, the gloves were in no way his main present, more of an after thought. What is really pathetic though, was that the gloves were nearly done in time. All but one finger and a thumb. In fact, I gave Gary one glove and promise that the other was almost ready. *sigh* So theoretically, I could have quickly finished up in a session, or maybe two for weaving in ends. But did I? Noooo. Christmas seemed rather hectic this year and I it was pretty “down to the wire” when it came to preparation. So by boxing day I needed a break….and that break stretched itself out. From time to time I would think of the gloves and chastise myself for not working on them. Gary never bothered me about them and would always say “don’t worry”  if I brought it up. GUILT. As they became later and later I felt so guilty about them that I couldn’t look at them, and the thought of picking them up to work on them just made me feel worse, so I put them out of my mind. Well, finally I have finished. At least it’s still winter, that’s all I can say. The pattern is Gloves for Service Men but I cast on fewer stitches. (Those service men must have gigantic hands.) Somewhere I have the notes about how this fewer number of stitches works for the fingers but of course I can’t find them because it was SO LONG AGO. I used Cascade 220 in a very dull green colour, which seemed fitting as they were meant to be very functional, non-fancy gloves. So now I can hand them over, make my apologies, and move on. I’d like to promise that this sort of delayed Christmas present knitting won’t happen again but I think that would be unwise…. I’ll just say “It’s like Christmas… in January!” Sheepish smile.


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