Tiny Top

I’ve just finished a tiny top for the baby. It’s really little, and I’m sure that if it fits, it won’t for long, but I couldn’t resist. It’s a simple short sleeve wrap top from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. (Libraries are a great resource! There are many free patterns online but sometimes it’s lovely to just leaf through a book and look at the pictures.) It’s knit in one piece and then seamed up the sides, with ribbon ties that tie in the back. I used machine washable Gems Merino Fingering from The Loop. Unfortunately, I didn’t have, or couldn’t find the right needles and so I ended up knitting this on 2mm needles and adjust the pattern accordingly, which I think was a little firm because the stretchy quality of garter stitch would have been great for a growing baby. But it’s done, and it’s cute. I enjoyed the construction more than I imagined and I think I may make another similar but slightly larger top, with a worsted weight yarn.

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