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Cloth Wipes

Cloth baby wipes are a satisfying small project.  I like having something small to do as I can always find a little time here or there to cut-out, pin or sew a few wipes and it makes me feel like I’m being productive. Especially on those days when I feel like I’m not getting anywhere with anything!

These wipes are two layers, and I cut them 8″ square. I tried doing a zigzag seam to simplify the process but while I liked the way they felt without any bulk at the seam, I wasn’t convinced that they would stand up to much washing. To be fair, I don’t have any experience with the zigzag seam so maybe I just wasn’t doing it right. In the end I decided to sew them together with right sides facing, leaving a gap to turn them right side out and then top-stitch to close the gap. They do look rather pretty for what they’ll be used for, but I am using up scraps of flannel.

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Quick Quilt

(Apologies dear people – there will be a lot of baby stuff from now on….)

Yesterday I finished up a very quick “quilt”. I’m not even sure if I can call it that, it’s more like a blanket. I found a thin cotton baby blanket at a thrift store for a few pennies. It’s a very “baby” print, but obviously a little older, which I like. I backed the blanket with some flannel in coordinating colours. (the flannel was on sale, so also very cheap!) The next part could have been even quicker if I had used the machine, but for some reason I felt called to do some hand-stitching. A few vertical lines and a border, in yellow thread. Originally I thought I’d do more stitching, to create a bit of texture, but I got a little lazy. Plus, since there is no stuffing, there is really no need.

And done! One more thing for the pile.

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For the Next Generation: A Dresser

Some other people’s handiwork today. This is a dresser that my Grandfather made for my aunt which my sister and I used while we were growing up. And this weekend Gary laboriously removed the rather icky paint (many thanks!) to make it ready for our baby. Still has a very real distressed look, especially the top. This photo does not do it justice (the dresser is still in the basement) but it makes me happy to see it ready for its next “owner”. Not to mention glad to have somewhere to start storing the baby stuff! Oh, and the bear on top is a beautiful teddy that a member of Gary’s choir made for the baby.  (Apologies again for the photo, but I’m sure he’ll turn up in other shots.)

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Sample Soaker #2

I have finished my second sample soaker. This one is the Curly Purly Soaker, which is very popular on Ravelry.  Some people mentioned the ease of a wrap style soaker for a newborn, like the first sample I knit, but it is easy to imagine this soaker working well (for leak protection, if not for getting on and off) and I liked the way it turned out. However, for you knitters out there, I’ll mention that the next time I make one I will change the way I picked up stitches for the legs. As is, there is a bit of a ridge on the inside which I could imagine being uncomfortable, so I will turn the soaker inside out to pick up stitches next time, so the ridge is on the outside. Also, in the pattern the shaping for the crotch is at the very edge, and I think I’d move that in a few stitches, so I’m not also dealing with extra stuff at the edge when I go to pick up stitches.

I find myself being a little concerned about softness. Admittedly, I’ve only washed the sample soakers once, and I think that maybe they will soften more over a few washes. Hope so.


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Red; A Bold Decision

This weekend at Good Cheer we painted (or rather, finished painting) the floor of our bedroom red. Quite a bold decision, I think. Well, in fairness it isn’t that bold because a) it’s just paint b) once we have a queen size bed in this small room the red will not hit quite as hard and c) we decided to paint the bedroom floor red after choosing NOT to paint the living room floor red. Gary wanted to but I just couldn’t get my head around it – there were too many elements to the room and I am very conservative with that kind of thing. But it seemed like the bedroom was a safe place to give red a go.

I’m pleased with it. We are changing the wall colour too, probably to something creamy, but since the floor colour was our starting point we decided to do that first. (Yes, I’m aware it makes more sense to paint walls first but never mind that.) It is still wet when we left today so I couldn’t get the painters tape of the baseboards for the photo, but then it will look even better.

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Cloth Diaper Preamble and Sample Soaker #1

First, a disclaimer. This post is all about cloth diapering, and will likely be very boring to, well, most everybody. Nevertheless, it is a topic I’ve been thinking a lot about so I’m going to forge ahead anyway!

There are many, no doubt fabulous, options these days in cloth diapering. I won’t list them here. Look it up – that’s what I’ve been doing! It can be a little overwhelming, and everybody has a different recommendation, and different stories of what worked and what didn’t. (I am very appreciative of friends and family who shared their personal experience with cloth diapering, especially since they were all positive!) In trying to decide what kind of system we would use I was thinking so much about it that I actually had a dream (one of those weirdly vivid pregnancy dreams) that involved TRYING ON a diaper, which was disturbing. So I told myself I had done enough research and that we just needed to go back to basics to figure out what we wanted to do.

So we chatted and reminded ourselves of our reasons for using cloth diapers, and it was reassuring to find we were on the same page:

1. The Environment

2. Cost

3. Health – the whole “what you put next to babies skin” factor.

So based on these three criteria it seemed a good starting point would be hemp/cotton prefold diapers, something like this, with hand-made wool covers. They are comparatively cheap, will be useful for other things if, once the baby is a little older we want more of a fitted diaper, and could probably even be used to make a fitted diaper. And I can knit wool soakers. There.

Which brings me to the next section, Sample Soakers. I turned to Ravelry for advice on choosing a pattern for a soaker. Me being me, I wanted to make a little stack of identical soakers from what people advised was the “best” pattern. But of course people had different thoughts on what that pattern was, and one has to allow for differently shaped babies, so I elected instead to make several sample soakers, in a newborn size, using the different recommended patterns. Then we can get a feel for what works, and what we like. And I can still stack them, which will satisfy my peculiar esthetic/nesting instinct.

Sample Soaker #1 is WHW Plain Wrap. I made two. I’ve yet to sew on the buttons as I need a few more. (I want buttons in various positions, so I can adjust the fit.) Unlike everybody else on Ravelry I seem to be content with “plain” for soakers, and nothing will please me more than a little stash all in the same natural white.

I bought the wool at The Loop. As an added bonus, it’s local, from Lange’s Rock Farm. (I enjoy their site.)

Now, onto the next pattern! (Yes, sorry, there will be several sample soaker posts, but hopefully I will not ramble on quite so much on those.)


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Shrove Tuesday

Knock, knock, the pan’s hot
And we are coming a-shroving
For a piece of pancake
Or a piece of bacon
Or a piece of truckle cheese
Of your own making.

Well….you can keep the bacon, but I’d love some pancake, and some “truckle cheese”. Tuesday evening is a right off in our house, because of rehearsals, and yoga but I will be getting together with my sister later on to uphold the family tradition of REAL pancakes (as in, the thin kind) with lemon and sugar. We may also try to have something slightly healthier first, but there is no guarantee. This is the recipe we will be using if you’d like to give it a go:

Sorry this is a photo-less post. But the days are going by and this space has been quiet and I thought I should post SOMETHING. It’s not that I haven’t been making anything. I have several things at various stages of completion, but nothing ready to share. Soon, I hope!

In the meantime, enjoy your pancakes!



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