Red; A Bold Decision

This weekend at Good Cheer we painted (or rather, finished painting) the floor of our bedroom red. Quite a bold decision, I think. Well, in fairness it isn’t that bold because a) it’s just paint b) once we have a queen size bed in this small room the red will not hit quite as hard and c) we decided to paint the bedroom floor red after choosing NOT to paint the living room floor red. Gary wanted to but I just couldn’t get my head around it – there were too many elements to the room and I am very conservative with that kind of thing. But it seemed like the bedroom was a safe place to give red a go.

I’m pleased with it. We are changing the wall colour too, probably to something creamy, but since the floor colour was our starting point we decided to do that first. (Yes, I’m aware it makes more sense to paint walls first but never mind that.) It is still wet when we left today so I couldn’t get the painters tape of the baseboards for the photo, but then it will look even better.


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