Sample Soaker #2

I have finished my second sample soaker. This one is the Curly Purly Soaker, which is very popular on Ravelry.  Some people mentioned the ease of a wrap style soaker for a newborn, like the first sample I knit, but it is easy to imagine this soaker working well (for leak protection, if not for getting on and off) and I liked the way it turned out. However, for you knitters out there, I’ll mention that the next time I make one I will change the way I picked up stitches for the legs. As is, there is a bit of a ridge on the inside which I could imagine being uncomfortable, so I will turn the soaker inside out to pick up stitches next time, so the ridge is on the outside. Also, in the pattern the shaping for the crotch is at the very edge, and I think I’d move that in a few stitches, so I’m not also dealing with extra stuff at the edge when I go to pick up stitches.

I find myself being a little concerned about softness. Admittedly, I’ve only washed the sample soakers once, and I think that maybe they will soften more over a few washes. Hope so.



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2 responses to “Sample Soaker #2

  1. Christian S


    A cheap alternative for making soakers is to buy adult wool sweaters at thrift stores, felt them, then cut and sew little shorts and trousers. The Sprog had many of these, and loved them. Ranging from thick cozy wool to cashmere…

    • Yes, a few people have given me some great patterns for doing exactly this. I’m working (slowly) on my last knitted soaker sample and then I’m going to move on to the felting of sweaters and sewing. My sewing abilities are much more basic than my knitting abilities, but I figure the baby will be a perfect guinea pig. Well actually I’m hoping for more of a baby-baby instead of a guinea pig, but you know what I mean.

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