For the Next Generation: A Dresser

Some other people’s handiwork today. This is a dresser that my Grandfather made for my aunt which my sister and I used while we were growing up. And this weekend Gary laboriously removed the rather icky paint (many thanks!) to make it ready for our baby. Still has a very real distressed look, especially the top. This photo does not do it justice (the dresser is still in the basement) but it makes me happy to see it ready for its next “owner”. Not to mention glad to have somewhere to start storing the baby stuff! Oh, and the bear on top is a beautiful teddy that a member of Gary’s choir made for the baby.  (Apologies again for the photo, but I’m sure he’ll turn up in other shots.)

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One response to “For the Next Generation: A Dresser

  1. Lesley Griffiths

    Lovely job Gary! The sense of continuity is precious.

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