Cloth Wipes

Cloth baby wipes are a satisfying small project.  I like having something small to do as I can always find a little time here or there to cut-out, pin or sew a few wipes and it makes me feel like I’m being productive. Especially on those days when I feel like I’m not getting anywhere with anything!

These wipes are two layers, and I cut them 8″ square. I tried doing a zigzag seam to simplify the process but while I liked the way they felt without any bulk at the seam, I wasn’t convinced that they would stand up to much washing. To be fair, I don’t have any experience with the zigzag seam so maybe I just wasn’t doing it right. In the end I decided to sew them together with right sides facing, leaving a gap to turn them right side out and then top-stitch to close the gap. They do look rather pretty for what they’ll be used for, but I am using up scraps of flannel.


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