Handmade goodness

We have received many, many wonderful gifts for the coming baby. When I look at the pile of baby things (really, it is just a pile right now, and I suppose soon we shall have to start doing some organizing) I keep thinking how lucky we and this baby are to have so many generous friends and family in our lives. Because this blog is quite often about “making”, and because, let’s be honest, I haven’t been doing such a great job sharing things *I* have been making lately, I thought I’d just do a little post in praise of all the handmade gifts we’ve received for the baby. They are: two lovely quilts, a beautiful hand-knit blanket, a diaper-change kit in a basket, two cozy comfort blankets (or “deedees”), a baby-book, a beautiful knit cotton hat and facecloth, an ingenious origami night-light and the teddy-bear you saw before. What a collection! I am so grateful for all this creativity and am glad we will be able to surround the little one with handmade goodness!

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