Our world is beginning to turn green again, as spring slowly creeps in. Perhaps “slowly” isn’t fair, it’s just that we are always so eager. Also undergoing a green transformation this weekend was our living room floor at Good Cheer. It has taken us a while to figure out what to do with this previously white-painted floor. Now, there are places, especially in magazines, where a white-painted floor looks really great, and I know there are people who could make a white floor work for them, but our living room is not that place, and we are not those people. The through-traffic in the room alone makes it impractical, not to mention the stove and wood and accompanying mess. We would have loved to strip the boards of paint, but aside from the work that would take, we also read that every time you sand down floor boards you are making the boards thinner (obviously) and since these already thin boards are all that stand between us and the cellar this seemed like a bad plan. So what colour to paint? Much humming and hawing. But after our bold decision in the bedroom, we once again figured “it’s just paint” and settled on a green, Pineapple Sage, one step darker than the “nettle” on the mantle.

We are happy. Goodbye white, and hello green.


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