First Flowers at Good Cheer

More baby, I’m afraid….

This past weekend we took Ruth to Good Cheer for the first time. I was a bit nervous about venturing forth but the trip needed to be made (the lawn needed to be mowed!) and I decided I’d sooner go there and be together than stay at home alone. In the end it was fine, and I’m glad we went. I realized when we were there that it was exactly a year ago that we saw the house for the first time, so it was fun to be introducing Ruth to the house a year later. (A lot changes in a year!) It is tricky to document Ruth’s first visit to Good Cheer as she is so small that she needs to be photographed close up….but you can see the telltale green floor behind her!

Our day was pretty much the same there as it is here – a lot of sitting and cuddling and nursing, but we also got out for a nice walk in the morning to take note of everything that was blooming (forsythia, primroses, daffodils….lots of yellow) and enjoy the birdsong. And we had some family visitors who brought a little bit of spring for Ruth to inspect close up. As I photographed this charming bouquet I remembered how I wrote about flowers in the house last summer and thought it fitting that I remember this bunch as Ruth’s first.



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2 responses to “First Flowers at Good Cheer

  1. Lesley Griffiths

    Best baby ever!

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