We Gather Flowers

I have been trying to find something creative to post about but things have been fairly busy, as you can imagine, and there is not much making or creating going on. On our last trip to the valley though, I determined that I would do one thing, other than nursing the baby, and that was continue with the tradition of picking flowers for the house. (sorry, I know the last post was flowers too) I convinced Ruth to settle in the Moby Wrap and out we went into the drizzle.

Apple blossoms, forget-me-nots, a stray tulip and some primroses. As we approached the primroses we came upon two hummingbirds and I was surprised how close we managed to get. As I recounted this later to Gary I realized how nice it sounded to be saying “we did this” and “we saw that”. These first few walks and outings are the beginning of the adventures (if everyday adventures) I will have with Ruth as a baby appendage in a sling or wrap.


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