New Ground

(Yes, I’m still alive. Post are few and far between, I know!)


The plot from the bathroom window.

There has been a lot going on this spring and it has made getting a vegetable garden going at Good Cheer a little tricky! The ground was plowed for us (incidentally, on the day Ruth was born!) but we couldn’t find anybody to till it. And of course, we were unable to get to it right away. We had a big garden planned, and I had researched rotation schedules and all that, but in the end we had to just make do. Gary valiantly hacked away at the ground until there was a plot decent enough for us to plant in and then we bought some transplants. I really had very little to do with any of it, as I was otherwise occupied, but one day, when I can put the baby in, I look forward to getting “stuck in”.

So it was not the grand start we had in mind but it’s a start nonetheless. These are our first scratchings in the earth where in years to come we hope to see a large, productive garden.



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