Simple Dresses for Easy EC

When I have a spare moment there are many things I could, and should be doing. But the last few spare moments I have had I’ve found myself sewing (in a very rushed way, expecting the baby to wake up at any moment).

Most recently, I’ve made two dresses for little R. They are really just repurposed onesies and t-shirts, so maybe they hardly count as “making”, but these one or two seamed items are what you get these days. Here, briefly, is how you make them:

Cut the top off a onesie to be the top of the dress.

Cut the bottom off an old t-shirt (adult size), to be the skirt.

Sew a basting stitch across the top of the skirt and gather it to the width of the onesie.

Sew bottom of the onesie to the top of the skirt, right sides facing. (You can make the dress with a short or long “bodice” for a different look.)

Both of these dresses, I feel, could use a little something – a belt maybe, or some such thing – but they were pressed into service immediately so I’ve done nothing about that.

Um, ok, I don’t actually make her wear these glasses – they are much too big – but they just seemed to go with the dress.

So those are the “simple dressed” but what, you ask is “easy EC”? If you have never heard of Elimination Communication you can read about it here, since I won’t go into huge detail. Basically, it’s about picking up your babies cues and responding to their “elimination” needs by taking them to the toilet (or bowl, or sink, or bushes…) the same way you respond to other needs.  It is really incredible.

So Little R is diaper-free a lot of the time, including night-time. Partly because it’s easier to “pee her” when you have no layers to remove, partly because it’s easier to pick up on cues(and you are more likely to pay attention!), and partly because she loves being naked, especially in warm weather. Nothing wrong, of course, with hanging out completely in the buff, or with a onesie unbuttoned, but seeing as it is most of the time it seemed to make sense to have some clothing that worked for EC rather than always looking “undone”. The dresses also offer the option of covering up, for modesty, or she can wear a diaper for going out and about. Anyway, the dresses really work and I hope to make more – I think these are going to be Little R’s “summer uniform”.


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