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This Moment

From SouleMama: {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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Enter the Studio

Behold my studio at Good Cheer! We don’t have enough rooms for me to have one completely to myself but we do have a little entryway off the front door (which nobody ever uses in the country) that I decided had potential. The entryway is between our front room and library, but can be closed off from both. And there is a nice closet that opens onto the chimney (um….maybe the ONLY closet) that is perfect for storing supplies.I also like that it is at the heart of the house, making it easy for me to grab a second now or then for making. It’s liable to be pretty chilly in here during the winter (you can see daylight through the front door…) but we’ll work on that.

I purposefully haven’t brought out all my supplies yet because I’m trying to keep things  a little simple. I think I need to do a little editing on the fabric/yarn front to pare down the “stuff”. The space is a work in progress, and if I’m honest I haven’t quite managed to “grab a second” for making, but somehow it is nice to just be able to see the space and to acknowledge the possibility of creativity as I walk through.

And one more…


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Blackberry Skillet Cake

We are overrun with blackberries. I know the bushes are a huge pain to get rid of but in the fruiting season we can at least reap the benefits! Yesterday I made a Skillet Cake from this recipe. You are supposed to use plums but of course I used blackberries. I also substituted milk with a splash of vinegar instead of buttermilk. One slight issue with batter overflowing the skillet (note: place skillet on a cookie sheet to bake!) but it turned out wonderfully, if I do say so myself. The lovely thing about this recipe is that I can see substituting all different fruits and berries, making it very versatile. I have this idea that I should get really good at a couple of recipes, and I think this should be one of them!

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Garden Stir Fry

Straight from the garden and into a stir fry! Just added an onion and garlic bought at market and some green and yellow beans from a road-side stall down the road.

The garden is doing very well. (though I can’t take any credit for it) It’s lovely to be able to walk out and harvest things for supper and it makes me excited for next year, when hopefully we will be able to have dedicate a little more time to the planning and execution of the garden. (I realize that now Little R is on the scene, that I’ll probably always be searching for “a little more time” but by next spring, at least, things will be a bit more flexible in terms of being able to tag-team a bit more. And whatever else is going on we won’t be looking at selling our house and moving and all that those things entail. Plus, seeing as she was born on the very day the garden was plowed….well, it doesn’t get much busier than that. )

Along with all the things we planted, we have also enjoyed some sorrel and lambs quarters we have found here and there. We also” noticed” (unfortunately) some stinging nettle  and I’m thinking of making use of that as well!

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Meant to Be

When I was little (not sure how little, but little enough to be cute!) I went to an auction with my parents and bid on an old-fashioned doll chair. I’m sure it was a “token” bid and somebody else ended up with the chair. But at the end of the evening they came over and gave it to me. I still have this chair and now it has traveled on the moving truck and been deposited, with all the boxes, here at Good Cheer. As I sit here nursing Little R, I look around at the chaos that is moving house and see the chair sitting in the corner. It really is uncanny the way the chair’s colours work in the baby’s room. Nothing intentional, and in fact it was only recently that we decided to use this room for Little R (when she has need of a room of her own). But it fits just perfectly and looks just as though it was “meant to be”.

(Apologies for my absence, folks. It’s been busy with the aforementioned move. But I hope to get back to posting soon – I miss it!)


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