Meant to Be

When I was little (not sure how little, but little enough to be cute!) I went to an auction with my parents and bid on an old-fashioned doll chair. I’m sure it was a “token” bid and somebody else ended up with the chair. But at the end of the evening they came over and gave it to me. I still have this chair and now it has traveled on the moving truck and been deposited, with all the boxes, here at Good Cheer. As I sit here nursing Little R, I look around at the chaos that is moving house and see the chair sitting in the corner. It really is uncanny the way the chair’s colours work in the baby’s room. Nothing intentional, and in fact it was only recently that we decided to use this room for Little R (when she has need of a room of her own). But it fits just perfectly and looks just as though it was “meant to be”.

(Apologies for my absence, folks. It’s been busy with the aforementioned move. But I hope to get back to posting soon – I miss it!)



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2 responses to “Meant to Be

  1. Clare

    I didn’t know you were in to bidding this young! Lovely little coincidence…We miss you here.

    • I think it was my first and only auction. Worked out pretty well – don’t pay anything and get given stuff for free. But I think it was the cuteness factor, and I don’t think I could pull that off anymore….

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