Garden Stir Fry

Straight from the garden and into a stir fry! Just added an onion and garlic bought at market and some green and yellow beans from a road-side stall down the road.

The garden is doing very well. (though I can’t take any credit for it) It’s lovely to be able to walk out and harvest things for supper and it makes me excited for next year, when hopefully we will be able to have dedicate a little more time to the planning and execution of the garden. (I realize that now Little R is on the scene, that I’ll probably always be searching for “a little more time” but by next spring, at least, things will be a bit more flexible in terms of being able to tag-team a bit more. And whatever else is going on we won’t be looking at selling our house and moving and all that those things entail. Plus, seeing as she was born on the very day the garden was plowed….well, it doesn’t get much busier than that. )

Along with all the things we planted, we have also enjoyed some sorrel and lambs quarters we have found here and there. We also” noticed” (unfortunately) some stinging nettle  and I’m thinking of making use of that as well!


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