Enter the Studio

Behold my studio at Good Cheer! We don’t have enough rooms for me to have one completely to myself but we do have a little entryway off the front door (which nobody ever uses in the country) that I decided had potential. The entryway is between our front room and library, but can be closed off from both. And there is a nice closet that opens onto the chimney (um….maybe the ONLY closet) that is perfect for storing supplies.I also like that it is at the heart of the house, making it easy for me to grab a second now or then for making. It’s liable to be pretty chilly in here during the winter (you can see daylight through the front door…) but we’ll work on that.

I purposefully haven’t brought out all my supplies yet because I’m trying to keep things  a little simple. I think I need to do a little editing on the fabric/yarn front to pare down the “stuff”. The space is a work in progress, and if I’m honest I haven’t quite managed to “grab a second” for making, but somehow it is nice to just be able to see the space and to acknowledge the possibility of creativity as I walk through.

And one more…


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