My 90 Minute (ahem) Shirt

I made something! I followed this 90 Minute Shirt Tutorial to make a shirt for Little R. I shudder to think how long it actually took me to get it done, since my 90 minutes were taken in tiny baby-allowed pieces.

I think the hardest part was drafting a pattern because I didn’t have something to cut up to base it on. The head opening needs adjusting, but I should be able to do that next time, and I’ll just think of this as a prototype. I was nervous about sewing the sleeves but that part was actually a piece of cake. I made it out of a stained shirt of mine, so I was able to cut the pieces to avoid hemming, which probably saved time. But I also made several dumb mistakes (in fairness, occasioned by trying to do too many things at once) which negated the time saved! But it would be great if I get the hang of it because it is hard to find shirts her size that aren’t onesies. I also like  long sleeves because I have so many wool sweaters for her.

So it’s far from perfect. Fortunately Little R is little enough not to care, or have a say, so she will wear it anyway!


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