An Afternoon in the Orchard

Yesterday, for the third year in a row we returned to Gate’s U-pick to load up on apples and pears. No doubt there are places to pick closer to our new home but we so enjoyed our outings to Gate’s we thought we’d make the trip.

It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing, the decision to go picking, but we managed to pack up and pull out of the driveway in record time. Once at the orchard we began by enjoying a basic picnic (the best kind!) of bread, cheese, cucumber and cookies. Then we wandered amongst the trees, sampling the fruit and filling 5 bags of apples and pears. It was lovely to have Little R along on what I think we can now call a “family tradition”, and funny to think that the last time we were there she wasn’t much bigger than an apple pip herself!


This year I have plans to invest in a food mill and make some applesauce for freezing. In previous years I’ve muddled along, leaving the skins in a just pureeing it, but I look forward to having the proper equipment.

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