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Little Pirate

I, even I, have dressed our baby up for Halloween. I have always slightly “pooh-pooh” the practice but of course now find myself, like all new parent I imagine, taking pleasure in putting together a costume. I eat my hat. Or my kerchief. For Little R? A pirate costume.  Of course, it was a little bit the case of “all dressed up and nowhere to go” but we did go for a visit, which allowed other people to fawn over how cute she was, which I guess is pretty much the point! And while of course she had no idea what was going on, it was a good opportunity to induct her into the family tradition of pirate dress.

It won’t be long now till she is dancing round the living room to The Pirates of Penzance. (What? Didn’t you do that?) Seeing her all kitted out also put me in mind of some great Pirate birthday parties that were thrown for my sister, in which we drank apple juice out of beer bottles… Ah, those were such innocent times. Our little pirate is still too little for beer bottles, or eye-patches and I think the sword or cutlass will have to wait a few years. She is now fast asleep. (did I mention it’s slightly odd to nurse somebody with a moustache?)



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Bunting Birthday Card

I thought I’d share how to make a Bunting Birthday Card. This is terribly simple but that is why I like it and why it is so handy. It’s my new favourite birthday card to make. You don’t need any special materials, though of course you could make it more fancy if you used special paper or doilies.


Blank card

magazines, colourful scrap paper




1. Cut little triangles out of the magazine or colourful paper.

2. Arrange the triangles in bunting formation on your desk. Play around with it a little.

3. When you are happy with your arrangement glue the triangles on the card. (glue-stick works best, but if you are like me you might end up using wood glue….) If any triangles stick off the edge you can just trim them up.

Write a little birthday greeting and it’s done!

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I went for a walk this morning. At first, I found myself wishing I had my camera with me, but as I tried to fix what I was seeing “in my mind’s eye” I became more aware, and found myself drinking in fall, through all the senses. And by the time I got home I had made this mental list:

Fall Sights: Colours, of course. Burning in the trees and smouldering in the grass. Bright berries. A quince bush, bereft of leaves but now boasting a collection of golden fruit.

Fall Smells: Wood smoke, which may be the true smell of nostalgia. And something that smelled inexplicably like cotton candy…

Fall Sounds: A pheasant blundering conspicuously through the dry undergrowth. The rattle of birch trees dropping their leaves.

Fall Touch: Rolling a smooth chestnut in my hand. Cool air on my cheeks.

Fall Taste: The sweetness of a crisp apple, purloined from a roadside tree. I have made a habit of tasting apples from the trees I come across and while many prove sour and inedible, I know now where to find the tastiest fruit.

I’m sort of glad I didn’t have my camera.


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Leftover Socks

I looked at the baby today and realized she is dressed (well, as dressed as this bare-bottom EC babe gets at home) completely in handmades. It’s a bit of an eclectic outfit.  A shirt I made, a sweater I knit, leg warmers I fashioned from socks and the newest addition, some wool socks.

I’ve been frustrated in my attempts to make a pair of booties for Little R. I’ve tried several patterns (admittedly not to completion) but keep finding that the size that will fit the length of her foot is always designed for a chunkier foot. So to cover those little toes I quickly knit up a pair of socks. I used yarn I had left over from other projects, hence the different colours, and just winged it. Far from perfect but they do the job and while the little ties do not stop her pulling them off and eating them, they at least keep them on her feet while we are out and about.

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One Skein Warmer

I have discovered I can knit in the car. Well, as long as the road is pretty straight. Anyway, on a recent trip I had a chance to turn a skein if Manos del Uruguay into a shrug/vest for Little R. I used this pattern, (for those of you on Ravelry) with the only modification being I cast on 4 stitches at the underarm. Not sure why exactly, but I just felt I should so I did. I’m probably going to make a closure for it – big button or toggle – and maybe block it(!), but nothing beats putting something on the baby “hot off the needles”.

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