Leftover Socks

I looked at the baby today and realized she is dressed (well, as dressed as this bare-bottom EC babe gets at home) completely in handmades. It’s a bit of an eclectic outfit.  A shirt I made, a sweater I knit, leg warmers I fashioned from socks and the newest addition, some wool socks.

I’ve been frustrated in my attempts to make a pair of booties for Little R. I’ve tried several patterns (admittedly not to completion) but keep finding that the size that will fit the length of her foot is always designed for a chunkier foot. So to cover those little toes I quickly knit up a pair of socks. I used yarn I had left over from other projects, hence the different colours, and just winged it. Far from perfect but they do the job and while the little ties do not stop her pulling them off and eating them, they at least keep them on her feet while we are out and about.


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