I went for a walk this morning. At first, I found myself wishing I had my camera with me, but as I tried to fix what I was seeing “in my mind’s eye” I became more aware, and found myself drinking in fall, through all the senses. And by the time I got home I had made this mental list:

Fall Sights: Colours, of course. Burning in the trees and smouldering in the grass. Bright berries. A quince bush, bereft of leaves but now boasting a collection of golden fruit.

Fall Smells: Wood smoke, which may be the true smell of nostalgia. And something that smelled inexplicably like cotton candy…

Fall Sounds: A pheasant blundering conspicuously through the dry undergrowth. The rattle of birch trees dropping their leaves.

Fall Touch: Rolling a smooth chestnut in my hand. Cool air on my cheeks.

Fall Taste: The sweetness of a crisp apple, purloined from a roadside tree. I have made a habit of tasting apples from the trees I come across and while many prove sour and inedible, I know now where to find the tastiest fruit.

I’m sort of glad I didn’t have my camera.



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2 responses to “Fall

  1. beautiful catherine….. an ode to rural nova scotia. x

  2. Nancy Bird

    Fall is an elegant season, I think.

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